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This year, once again, we will be showcasing at Formnext 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany, as we received significant interest from numerous companies worldwide at Formnext last year.

Our Support Material Removal Technology, EXTRIPPER has seen even greater enhancements.

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Labor-intensive support removal achieved in a short period of time

philosophy of cleaning.
The solid substance “JAM” and the liquid “Bikan” are made from everyday ingredients that are gentile on the environment, and can be used repeatedly without having to replace the liquid for a fixed period of time. It works on through holes smaller than 1mm and significantly reduces the time cost of paraffin wax-based support material cleaning.

How to use

Examples of cleaned workpieces


Product lineup


EXTRIPPER JAM is a specialty cleaning solution for paraffin-wax based 3D printer support materials.
EXTRIPPER JAM is semi-solid and simple to handle at room temperature, but when heated to ~80°C in preparation for cleaning, it becomes a liquid. The liquefied JAM is used by putting support-adhered workpieces into it. (60°C – 80°C).



N-EXTRIPPER Bikan is a finishing cleaning solution for paraffin wax-based 3D printer support materials.
Workpieces with support material removed by JAM are put into Bikan (with ultrasonic waves at ~63°C) which converts the oil-based stains into water-based stains. The process is then finished off with a hot water bath (with ultrasonic waves at ~63°C).


Promotional video

Explanatory video

EXTRIPPER specialized equipment “EXTRA-S”

“EXTRA-S” is a piece of specialty equipment for use with EXTRIPPER JAM. They are especially effective on stubbornly small holes (penetrations and stops).


EXTRIPPER specialized equipment “EXTRA-US”

This is a device that is designed to work specifically with Bikan. It applies the finishing touches after a cleaning with JAM.


Cleaning Process

Q1 Which support materials and 3D printer models are compatible with EXTRIPPER?
A1 Use 3D Systems’ “Projet” series wax based support materials for optimal results.

Q2 What are the hazards and safety of the liquids?
A2 EXTRIPPER JAM is flammable (with a flash point of 250°C), and N-EXTRIPPER Bikan is a weak alkaline liquid.

Q3 Can I re-use the same liquid?
A3 It can be re-used several times.

Q4 Can I use this product without the specialized equipment?
A4 If you get the workpiece into an environment above 60℃, the support removal process will take some time, but it may be possible depending on its shape.

Q5 Can I use the product at room temperature?
A5 JAM is a solid body at 20℃ and below so it cannot be used this way.


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  • Liquid glass “硝子の涙”
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  • 3D printer support material removal agent “EXTRIPPER®”
  • Water-soluble cutting oil for resins “RAISER SCREW”
  • Specialty materials brand “RAISER MOON YUKA”


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